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Building Lots/Vacant Land

RM of Victoria Beach

-Lot 5 - 2B Clear Water Cove                        $36,200

RM of Alexander

-46 Wexford Bay        (Belair Properties)        $20,900

-37 Reisswood Drive  (Traverse Bay)             $65,000

-5 Marie Avenue         (St. Georges)               $44,900

RM of Lac du Bonnet

-2 Lee River Crescent                                     $39,300

-Lot 3 King James Court -Cape Coppermine  $28,500

RM of St. Laurent 

-Lot 24 Labous Road                                     $18,500

-Lot 3 Poplar Bay                                           $  9,500

-Lot 7 Pickerel Bay                                         $10,000

RM of Bifrost

-Valhalla Beach (29 Maple Drive)                  SOLD!!!

-Valhalla Beach (31 Maple Drive)                  SOLD!!!

RM of Siglunes - Lake Manitoba Narrows    

-6 Eagles Way                                                 $22,500

-7 Winnie Way                        REDUCED!      $19,900

-9 Winnie Way                        REDUCED!      $19,900

RM of West Interlake - Lake Manitoba Narrows

-4 Peter Stasiuk                                           SOLD!!!

RM of Alonsa     -Lake Manitoba Narrows

-3 Goose Drive                       REDUCED!      $29,999

-Lot 24 Moon Shadow                                     $28,500

-Lot 28 Moon Shadow            REDUCED!      $29,500

-Lot 1 Block 5 Plan 48616                               $19,911

RM of St. Clements    

-88071 Rd 34E Libau, MB                               SOLD!!!

-Road 94N -Waterfront                                    $67,000

RM of Tache               

-Hwy 501 Rd 42E                                            SOLD!!!


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RM of St. Clements    

-Road 33E -46.64 acres (mixed)                         SOLD!!!

Welcoming new listings throughout Manitoba

Waterfront Building Lots & Land
RM of Alexander         

-Bird River -98 Ledin                                        SOLD!!!
-Bird River -158 Ridge Road                            SOLD!!!

RM of Alonsa -Lake Manitoba Narrows

-  4 Moon Shadow  -Waterfront                         $53,500

-19 Moon Shadow  -Waterfront    REDUCED!  $44,900

-23 Moon Shadow  -Waterfront                          $54,900

-25 Moon Shadow  -Waterfront                          $49,900

-26 Moon Shadow  -Waterfront                          $49,900

Water access building lots!
RM of Lac du Bonnet   

-25 Jayden Sierra Road                                    SOLD!!!

RM of Lac du Bonnet

-59 Westview Drive  -Waterfront                       SOLD!!!

-19 Sherbrooke Avenue (with dock slip)           $169,700

RM of Alexander

-83 Lakeview              (Belair Properties)          $180,000

-43 Bayview Crescent (Traverse Bay)Waterfront $249,900    

-45 Cornals Close  (Silver Falls) -Waterfront      $229,500

RM of Lac du Bonnet - Leased Land

-Lot 60 Riverside Parkway -Waterfront               $50,000

             (Leased Land -annually renewed)

-Lot 62 Riverside Parkway -Waterview               $65,000

             (Leased Land - annually renewed)

RM of Siglunes -Lake Manitoba Narrows 

-13 Winnie Way                          REDUCED!   $169,900

RM of Alexander         

-Traverse Bay -7 Onalee                                  $149,900

-Traverse Bay -23 Lynnwood                           $148,500

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